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I support exceptional UHNW leaders & celebrities live their most turned on life!

My name is Irina Balko and I am here to guide you on the Soulicious Path. This is so much more than just coaching or tools for high performance, exceptional achieving, emotional mastery, health improvement even if it will help with all of that.

This is a way of life! A way of life to not just achieve, grow, impact, influence in a big way but to do that feeling fulfilled, joyful,  centered in your power, at peace with you mind and free in your body and so much deeper. Short soulicious!  

I felt the pressure to achieve

For most of my life, I was hustling, chasing goal after goal from a place of proving and unconsciously winning the approval of my parents who took a big risk to immigrate from Kazakhstan to Germany and provide me with the privileges and opportunities that are available to me now. I felt like I owe it to them, to myself and to the world to make something out of my life. 

At the same time I was also rebelling against all of those expectations and pressure to achieve in other ways like taking up a smoking habit.

A diagnosis was my wake-up call

While on the outside I was doing great, inside I was slowly withering away. Constantly under pressure and stress, disconnected from my body, feeling anxiety, panic and beating myself up with migraine-like headaches. If I didn't feel stress and anxiety, I felt simply numb. So, numb that I'd be drinking almost a bottle of wine every day to relax and feel anything but my anxiety. 

Then I crashed. Everything felt meaningless. I fell into depression. Having really dark thoughts about leaving this world, binge watching and playing online games for months without getting out of my PJs. Weight gain was just one side effect.

It took an intervention from my fiancĂ© and the diagnosis of an ovarian cyst the size of an apple for me to wake up and decide that  if I continue on this path I will not live for much longer and that's also not the kind of life that I want to live!

How does joy feel like?

Taking this wake-up call seriously, I started on my journey of healing and spiritual growth. I've worked with and was trained in many modalities over the years from mindset work with NLP, Nervous System Regulation to energy healing and many many more from which I created my own process that I found to be most powerful and profound.

At some point, during a training seminar, we were working deeply with emotions, I asked my trainer how joy feels to her because I genuinely didn't know. That's how numb I was at that time!

So how does joy feel like to me now? - There are not enough words to describe it. It feels like being home in my body, having goosebumps from how beautiful life is, shedding a tear a two of sheer gratitude, lead by a soul purpose, at peace with my mind and body, my inner critic turned my bissest cheerleader, child-like excitement, activated, energetic, connected to my inner feminine power, turned on by myself and life. 
Side effects included dropping 20kg of excess weight and my healing my ovaries.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, this work saved my life. And the life that I'm living?! Soooul delicious, soulicious!

You should know...






I don't drink coffee or alcohol, not out of doctrine but because I don't want to dilute the sensual experience of body but I do love a decaf latte and raspberry kombucha.

I have a psychic gift of reading auras. I am able to receive psychic knowing when I connect to someones energy (with permission).

Being born in the former Soviet Union, in Kazakhstan, I value the the abundance the western world and yes I spent many hours in line waiting to buy bread or meat in my childhood. 

I had my first spiritual experience when I was about 7 after being bitten by a dog. A local 'witch' cured my phobia. 

I have always had a way of thinking that others in my world called 'delusional', I always knew in my heart that we create our own reality.

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