Welcome to the Soulicious Path where you reconnect with your inner feminine power, drop back into your body, discover your sensuality, expand your capacity to receive through your nervous system and delightfully surprise yourself of what's possible for you in this life-time: How delicious and impactful will you allow your life to get? 

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Is this you? 

On the material plane, you have what many only wish for. So they put you on a pedestal for your net-worth or your celebrity platform.
What they don't see though is the responsibility that comes with wealth, success and being in the public eye. The daily pressure and expectations from others can feel like a heavy load on your shoulders. And it's lonely at times even though you always have people around you. 

You do love to give back to philanthropic causes using your resources to make the world a little bit or a lot better. 
How do I know all of this? I see my coaching clients to the core of their heart and my way of seeing them & giving a fresh perspective is what they value the most.

What if I told you that you only scratching the surface of what's possible for you? What if you could expand the capacity of your nervous system to receive more wealth and success, yes, and also more joy, pleasure, passion, intimacy, presence - all those things that can't be bought with money per se but can be achieved through working on yourself with me as your guide?

You know about investing to grow and preserve wealth for future generations to come, right? 
Did you know also that the greatest asset in your portfolio is you?
This is a tough talk but lets be real: companies can go bankrupt, real estate can be damaged, markets can crash but it all won't matter because you invested in one asset that you'll always have and that's: You! 

You invested in your emotional freedom, nervous system resilience, mental flexibility. You developed you intuition to see the signs and create opportunities where your competitors see obstacles. You are grounded in your body, present to the moment of now from which any future timeline of manifestation becomes available in the quantum field of possibilities. You are turned on, tuned in, full of passion and purpose. 

Ready to have me support you in developing your greatest asset? Explore the ways that I can support you.

You are your biggest asset!

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The passion, pleasure and joy in your life is also an indication how much you allow yourself to receive and hold success in all areas of your life. It is all connected!

This is quick shift to get you aligned to the highest timeline of what you are set to achieve, a taste on the magic when working together long-term. 

This is for the high-achiever, the go getting, no-messing around big goals, demanding more from life, brave woman.
You desire a Rapid, Immersive, deeply Transformative Experience - emphasis on rapid! 

We spend depending on your bespoke requirements between
1-4 days together and like a rising Phoenix you re-emmerge from this as a whole new person. I'lll be honest, it's gonna be intense, many old parts will die, and new the soul-expansive and supportive of your goals parts of YOU will be born into your life. A soul expansive experience! 

Includes *4* juicy, deeply transformative, nourishing, in-person experiences.

For a full year, you will be lovingly held and supported in integrating the healing from our 4 In-person Intensives with regular coaching calls and messenger support . 

I am at your side, when you are walking the path of transformation & holding you to your highest version.

Are you ready to be turned on in all areas of your life?

The Shift - 90min Intensive

Option 2:
Bespoke In-Person 1-4 Day Immersion

Option 3:
Full Year Deep Devotion 1-1

I work with High-achievers, leaders, public personalities and  UHNW leaders on their powerful presence & capacity to receive success, joy and pleasure.

And who am I? - I am Irina Balko!

Hello. My name is Irina Balko. 
Find out more about who I am and why I'm passionate about this work!

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